My Testimony
My name is Adela I was born is Namibia and raised in South Africa. I got saved the first time as a girl of about 8 yrs old. I was raised Pentecostal got married at the age of 19 for the first time, this was a marriage which I was forced into. Needless to say it only lasted 5 yrs.  I was in a backslidden state for quite a couple of years after my first marriage and when I was on my own started using drugs. One day I took an overdose and then Jesus came to me when I was in hell and led me out of that place of darkness. I then went to church on a regular base but was still in the Pentecostal doctrine.  I met my current husband in February of 1984 when he just got back from a visit to Italy, he grw up Roman Catholic. We got married in 1985 when our baby was already 10 months old. His mother was highly upset because she wanted us to get married immediately, but because of the failure with the previous marriage I was scared to rush into something that serious. In 1996 we bought our very first house after we moved from one place to another. The closest church to us was a Baptist church which we then attended and my husband got saved too! For some reason I was standing still in my Christian life, not knowing what was wrong as I saw all my friends growing in the grace of God, It was as if I was stuck. My husband got a job offer from Canada in '97 the first time and asked me if we should go and at that stage I thought he totally lost it!  Then in 1999 he got another job offer from the same company and asked me again and my answer was “no way”. Then three months later he got another offer from the same place and this time I told him this was the third offer and if he did not accept it he would not get another. I told him let's pray about it and see if it is what God wants us to do. As it turned out this was where God wanted us so we arranged everything and moved to Canada end of Oct in 1999. I still was not growing and started to think there was something wrong with me. God knew better, after about a year in Canada I was raped and went for counceling and this was when I realized I was holding on to unforgiveness for things that was done to me as child and this was not that I could not forgive them fact was I could not forgive myself, because I believed I was the one who was guilty. God revealed to me that I needed to clean out all the old garbage in my life. I rededicated my life to Christ then Christmas day of 2000 and started growing spiritually with such a speed and still do! I met wonderful friends online and enjoy following Bible studies. Now I just cry for all the years that has gone wasted but know that I could never change that and finally accepted it Jesus Christ is everything in my life He comes first above all other things then my family. We are attending a Baptist church and God's grace is , was and always will be sufficient!