Truth and Proof

"What is the truth"? I was asked one dark night,
As I looked at my clock, it was quarter past three,
"Truth" I did say is what most people search for,
Some see it clearly, some never see,
Though you may find it, it's often quite different,
To the same truth that another may view,
And though essentially, it never changes,
Everyone is individual, like you.

Some see our Saviour, our Lord and Redeemer,
Teaching and preaching beside the still sea,
For others, the picture is his crucifixion,
The day that his blood flowed to set our souls free,
Others will see him surrounded by children,
Or preaching the sermon, high up on the mount,
Some even view him ascending to heaven,
Each is the truth, but which one do "You" count?

Truth is subjective, to those who search for it,
And more so, when people start asking for proof,
No tangible evidence, can people give you,
It's all about faith in your search for the truth,
Proof does not exist in the book called the Bible,
And I guess that most with me will disagree,
For me, it's the faith that exists in your heart,
It's faith in our Saviour, that keeps us all free.

Now please do not think that I'm saying, the Bible,
Can hold no importance when searching for truth,
For it forms the basis of what we believe in,
But within itself, it has never been proof,
If you want proof, then I say look around you,
The millions of miracles, God gave to share,
All forms of life in their wondrous beauty,
Bestowed on us by our Lord, who doth care.

What is the truth?  In your heart you can find it,
Proof?  In the miracles that you now view,
Guidance, you'll find in the book called the Bible,
Stories that help keep your faith strong and true,
I hope this helps you in your understanding,
In finding  the truth you are searching for,
God bless you friend, may you walk with our Saviour,
I look at my clock, it's now quarter past four.

Siobahn.    9th July 2003.
This poem was written by a friend, who was deaf and has now passed on to be with the Lord.