Jesus in every book of the Bible
In Genesis He is the seed of the woman; in Exodus the Lamb for sinners slain; in Leviticus our High Priest; in Numbers the Star of Jacob and the Brazen Serpent; in Deuteronomy the Prophet like unto Moses and the Great Rock; in Joshua the Captain of the Lord's Hosts; in Judges the Messenger of Jehovah; in Ruth our Kinsmen-Redeemer and the Faithful Bridegroom; in 1 Samuel He is seen as the Great Judge; in 2 Samuel as the Princely King; in 1 Kings as David's Choice; in 2 Kings as the Holiest of All; in 1 Chronicles as King by birth; in 2 Chronicle as King by Judgment.
In Ezra He is seen as Lord of heaven and earth; in Nehemiah as the builder; in Esther our Mordecai; in Job our Daysman and our Risen returning Redeemer; in Psalms the Son of God and the Good Shepherd; in Proverbs our Wisdom; in Ecclestiastes as the One above the sun; in Song of Solomon the great Church lover, the one Altogether Lovely and the Chiefest amongst ten thousand.
In Isaiah He is the suffering and glorified Servant; in Jeremiah the Lord our Righteousness; in Lamentations the Man of Sorrows; in Ezekiel the glorious God; in Daniel the Smiting Stone and the Messiah; Hosea reveals Him s the risen Son of God; Joel as the outpourer of the Spirit; Amos the Eternal Christ; Obadiah the Forgiving Christ; Jonah as the Risen Prophet; Micah the Bethlehemite; in Nahum He is the bringer of Good Tidings; in Habbakuk the Lord in His Holy Temple; in Zephaniah the Merciful Christ; in Hagai the Desire of all nations; in Zechariah the Branch and in Malachi the Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings.
Matthew shows Him as King of the Jews; Mark the Servant; Luke the Perfect Son of Man; John the Son of God; in Acts He is the Ascended Lord; in Romans the Lord of our Righteousness; in 1 Corinthians our Resurrection; in 2 Corinthians our Comforter; in Galatians the end of the Law; in Ephesians the head of the Church; in Philippians the Supplier of every need; in Colossians the Fulness of the Godhead; in 1 Thessalonians He comes for His Church; in 2 Thessalonians He comes with His Church; in 1 Timothy He is the Mediator; in 2 Timothy the Bestower of Crowns; in Titus Our Great God and Saviour; in Philemon the Payer of our Debt; in Hebrews the rest of the Faith and the Fulfiller of Types; in James the Lord drawing nigh; in 1 Peter the Vicarious Sufferer; in 2 Peter the Lord of Glory;  in 1 John the Way; 2 John the Truth; 3 John the Life; in Jude he is our Security; in Revelation the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God. The Bright Morning Star, the King of kings; the Lord of Lords.