Treasure those times

Treasure each second you spend with our Saviour,
Whether you're standing or on bended knee,
Feel how his love flows to bring your heart comfort,
The same love that flowed when, once nailed to a tree,
His blood was shed and his body was dying,
Yet nothing on earth or in heaven above,
Made him regret that for us he was dying,
He bought our sins with his blood and his love.
Treasure the moments that he is beside you,
Walking through valleys so dark and so deep,
Guiding your footsteps so you shall not falter,
In his protection your soul he doth keep,
Urging you onwards, when you're feeling weary,
Carrying you, when you can't carry on,
Bringing you out of the depths of that valley,
Out of the darkness and into the sun.
Treasure those times when you're there in his presence,
And you feel nothing but love in your heart,
The day you get married and when you have children,
The moment of knowing that you are a part,
Of his wondrous family all destined for heaven,
The Lamb's Book of Life, all their names will contain,
These who give their heart and soul to our Saviour,
Strive for perfection and from sin refrain.
Treasure those times when with like minded people,
In fellowship, we stand praising our King,
Reading the scriptures and sharing his wisdom,
Then with one voice, to our Saviour we sing,
Songs of devotion that raise up our spirits,
Casting aside all our doubts and our fears,
Bringing us closer to our creator,
In whose kingdom, we'll only cry happy tears.
Treasure that moment when death comes upon you,
And our sweet Saviour takes you by the hand,
Taking your soul from his earthly dominion,
Entering paradise, his promised land,
Sharing with him all the wonders of heaven,
Knowing that this will last eternally,
Joining with loved ones, who went there before you,
Treasure that moment God sets your soul free.

Siobahn.    29th July 2003.