Singing Praises

I sit by the lakeside and sing to my Saviour,
From out of my heart, songs of praise,
I thank him for all that he's ever created,
This beauty upon which I gaze,
I thank him for friendships, some short, some enduring,
That help to make my life complete,
In this world of silence with my heart I listen,
As I sit at my Saviours feet.
I thank him for loved ones though most are in heaven,
As they answered our Saviour's call,
But they left a legacy, one that I treasure,
Pure love, upon which I call,
For love just like faith transcends both time and space,
Manifests itself in many ways,
And that is why I know that my Saviour loves me,
That's why my heart now sings his praise.
To gaze to the heavens and know what awaits me,
To look to the hills and beyond,
To fly with the eagles above snow capped mountains,
To bathe in a crystal clear pond,
To walk in his grace through lush tropical forests,
To stand on a gold sandy beach,
To know that our Saviour is always beside me,
 That I'm never out of his reach.
I know my sweet Saviour that I'm your creation,
Though some think that I'm incomplete,
For though they know sound and can listen with their ears,
What you gave to me's kind of neat,
I listen with my eyes and talk with my hands,
And with my heart I can discern,
So I thank you Jesus, in your eyes I'm perfect,
I pray those who think not, will learn.
My Lord, my Redeemer, my heart it is yours,
And I'll follow you each day I live,
My faith may be childlike, but it shall not falter,
So to you all honour I give,
Though I have no voice Lord I still sing your praises,
From my heart to your heart they flow,
You answered by giving a wonderful treasure,
This lakeside, where my love can grow.

Siobahn.    23rd September 2003.